Image Objects

Base Url


Where [resource_name] is the name of the Adam Matthew resource you are using. For a list of resource names click here.


Images mostly represent individual pages that make up documents. Depending on how the images have been scanned they could represent one or two pages of a document. They relate to a single image within the resource's website.

Full text data is only returned when requesting a specific single image by its 'id' and 'documentId' and never when requesting multiple images by searching. This is to increase performance.

Query String Parameters

Get Operation


The API identifier assigned to the document the image is from. Using this parameter on its own returns all the images for the document only.

Data Type: String

Example: https://api.amdigital.co.uk/1.0/globalcommodities/images?documentId=G362_876_B847_B876


The API identifier assigned to the image. This is a zero-based index relating to the order of the images within the document. This should be used in conjunction with 'documentId' to retrieve a single image.

Data Type: Integer

Values: 0 to 2147483647

Example: https://api.amdigital.co.uk/1.0/globalcommodities/images?documentId=G362_876_B847_B876&id=0


Text to search for. This parameter will be parsed as Contextual Query Language (CQL) to allow for more powerful searching.

Data Type: String

Example: https://api.amdigital.co.uk/1.0/globalcommodities/images?query=dinosaur%20or%20bird


Number of records to return. This defaults to 10 with a maximum value of 200. If you would like to return more records use this in multiple calls in conjunction with skip.

Data Type: Integer

Values: to 200

Default: 10

Example: https://api.amdigital.co.uk/1.0/globalcommodities/images?take=25


The record number to start at from the list of results. A search query returns results in order of relevance. If the results returned from a query do not return what you are looking for you can use this parameter to return records further down the list. The default for this value is 0 with a maximum of the number of records in the collection. If you go over this number no records will be returned.

Data Type: Integer

Values: to 2147483647

Default: 0

Example: https://api.amdigital.co.uk/1.0/globalcommodities/images?skip=250

Example Response

  "timestamp": "11/12/2015 14:25:30",
  "version": "1.0",
  "totalResults": 1,
  "data": [
      "type": "image",
      "collection": "Mass Observation",
      "index": 38,
      "identifier": "WorktownCollection-Box 19",
      "uri": "http://www.massobservation.amdigital.co.uk/Documents/Images/WorktownCollection-Box 19/38",
      "metadata": {
        "pageNumber": "39"